Juicy, Sweet Honeybells
Available in January Only


Our sweet Honeybell Tangelos are everybody's favorite.

We always hate when their season is over and we know you do too. That's why we wanted to warn you that the time to enjoy these sweet beauties is short.  Please don't delay, we wouldn't want you to miss out. 

Once you've tasted this delicious fruit, you'll know why folks wait patiently (and not so patiently) all year to enjoy their next batch. Honeybell Tangelos are a delectable Florida secret. They peel like a tangerine and are so full of honey-sweet juice that you better be sure to have some napkins ready. Sure wish I could have one right now. Their season is oh-so-short! 

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Honeybells & Navels


Navel Oranges
Don't forget about our juicy, sweet Florida Navel Oranges! Sun-soaked, seedless, and easy peeling they're often considered Florida's most delicious orange. This is your last chance to get them until next November. Click here to go to the Navel page.  Available through the end of January.


Red Grapefruit
Our Indian River Grapefruit may look good, but they taste even better! They are our family's pride and joy. So sweet that we never add sugar. If the only Grapefruit that you have ever tasted is from the supermarket, your mouth is in for a taste surprise.   BUY NOW!!!

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