Indian River's Best Fruit Club

FREE Electric Fruit Juicer A $39.99 Value!
Our Gift To You!
Discover the simple pleasure of fresh-squeezed juice with our finest Oranges or Grapefruit served up in the sleek pitcher for a special treat. We've always prided ourselves on giving our friends something extra. So we'd like to send you the Electric Fruit Juicer to enjoy along with your Indian River Citrus. Yours with one easy phone call! Sit Back...Enjoy Florida-Sweet Flavor, Relax in that easy chair of yours and enjoy your grove-fresh fruit all winter and spring, delivered straight to your doorstep, guaranteed 100%!

Here Is What You Get:

  • Navel Oranges
    Huge sweet flavor. Thin- skinned for easy peeling! Mid-November through  Mid-January.
  • Honeybell Tangelos
    Sugar-sweet and juicy. A great way to beat those winter blues! January only.
  • Temple Oranges
    Taste the sugar sweet Florida sunshine. Incredibly juicy! February only.
  • Valencia Oranges
    A must for fresh-squeezed Orange Juice. Delicious for slicing, and fruit cups. Mid-March through April.
  • Red or White Seedless Grapefruit
    You'll never use sugar on these. Perfect even for dessert! Mid November-through April.
  • Order Now
    Ordering is easy! Simply call us Toll Free at 1-800-327-8624, or mail in our easy-to -complete order form. We'll do the rest. Remember, we guarantee you 7 delicious boxes of fruit-one each month.

Indian River's Best Fruit Club
The Electric Fruit Juicer isYours ABSOLUTELY FREE!  With prepaid plan.                                              

Seven Separate Shipments Fruit Cost

7 Separate Shipments Prepaid Club Plan
With Free Electric Juicer
Bill-Me Monthly Fruit Plan
Box Size Cost Cost
36 lbs. $592.93 $84.70
27 lbs. $500.93 $71.56
18 lbs. $402.93 $57.56
9 lbs. $296.93 $42.41
5 lbs. $212.93 $30.41


Regular Shipping Charges Still Apply

Club plans must be shipped to the same address



Poinsettia Groves
Indian River Oranges & Grapefruit
from Florida
Toll Free 1-800-327-8624
Fax 772-562-3629

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