Last Call Final Shipment-APRIL 26th

Valencia Oranges & Indian River Grapefruit

We wanted to give our friends and customers one LAST CALL before our 70th Season comes to an end on April 26th. Although the season is almost over, the fruit is excellent right now. The Valencia oranges have been soaking up sunshine vitamins all year. They have been maturing, filling with juice and growing sweeter daily. They are now at their peak and are simply delicious for squeezing, slicing for salads and fruit cups. DON'T MISS THIS LAST CALL.

We think our grapefruit are better now than at any other time this year. You have never tasted grapefruit this sweet.

Delicious Valencias Juicy, Sweet Grapefruit

Valencias aren't only a great snack - they're the juiciest juicing Orange there is! Don't let this delicious season pass you by.

There's no cooler, better tasting dessert on a hot, muggy summer night!

They're our family favorite. Peeled, sliced or juiced, these are the pride of the Indian River. Get yours while they last. (Only available through April) Our Indian River Grapefruit are just bigger and sweeter than other grapefruit. We really don't know why - we just know how wonderful they taste! Grapefruit so sweet, in fact, my son calls them "big, yellow Oranges!" These aren't supermarket grapefruit, so get ready for a taste sensation.

Available Mid-March  thru April 26th

The last shipment for Arizonia, California, Louisiana and Texas is 04/11/18


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Valencia Oranges & Grapefruit


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